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The PropTologist

Our PropTologist's worked at the PowerTech factory for 10 years as their international sales manager and came to Propeller Pros in 2012 with his passion/desire to sell PowerTech Propellers. Since then he has propped out well over twenty thousand propeller applications for all types of Outboard and Sterndrive applications. Feel free to phone or Contact Us anytime with your PowerTech Propeller questions. Don’t forget we offer Free Shipping for orders delivered in the Continental United States, so the price you see quoted will never become inflated by shipping charges. Shop with confidence and find the best PowerTech Propeller on the market today, visit We offer "free of charge" custom PowerTech Boat Propeller Sizing online 24/7.

The PropTologist - is an affectionate term used to describe the person working in the propeller industry for 20+ years: 10yrs at the PowerTech Propeller Factory as the International Sales & Quality Control Manager and 11yrs at propping out boats exclusively with Powertech Propellers.

If you figure talking to 10 people a day, 50 per week, that equals about 50,000 boats propped out with PowerTech Propellers in the past 20 years and that equals experience. Except for the PowerTech Factory, no other person has more knowledge & experience putting PowerTech Propeller on boats than the PropTologist.

The 1st thing you want to do is chat with the PropTologist (even if you already have a prop recommendation) about your propeller issue/situation. Just like going to a 2nd doctor for a 2nd opinion, he will as a ton of questions even if you already know the solution is from the 1st doctor.

These basic questions should be asked by Every Prop Professional of any customer needing/wanting to purchase a propeller, spending your money wisely the 1st time.

When you call, be prepared to answer these questions:

  • Type/HP motor
  • Size current prop
  • RPMs at wide open throttle without over trimming
  • Type of boat, how you use the boat, where/type of fishing

If you call a company to ask questions about your propeller/boat performance and they refer you to the factory to answer your questions, run away since they have no idea how to assist you.  Even if their prices are low, their expertise/customer service is lacking.

Ask the business/company some basic questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What is your Physical Address?
  • Do you repair propellers in aluminum, stainless, bronze?
  • Where are the propellers you sell, manufactured?
  • Do you stock propellers at your facility
  • What is your return/exchange policy?

Below are just a few boats propped out by the PropTologist:


  • Pathfinder Flats 150-300hp use OFX
  • Shearwater Flats 150-300hp use OFX
  • Shoal Water Flats 150-300hp use OFX
  • Shallow Sport Flats 150-300hp use OFX
  • Offshore V-Bottom 150-300hp use OFS
  • Bass Boats 150-300hp use VMX or VMS